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True love is single-minded Divided loyalty Undivided love

What time is it?

8 January 2023
What time is it? A time of injustice A time to learn A time to love

Look to God alone

1 January 2023
Look to God alone Carrying gods No-one carries God Let Jesus carry you
Moving forward with confidence Commitment to Christ Relationship with Christ Security in Christ
Jesus is taken to Egypt The threat The escape The return
Jesus is born in Bethlehem The troubled king The shepherd king The worshipped king

Zechariah’s Prophecy

18 December 2022
Zechariah's Prophecy A Promise kept to David A Promise kept to Abraham A Promise kept to Zachariah A Promise kept to Us!
Jesus will save His people from their sins Jesus saves from sin Jesus possesses his people
The two natures of Jesus Christ The human nature of Christ The divine nature of Christ The unique person of Christ
The conception of Jesus Christ Mary was pregnant Joseph was righteous God was at work
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