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The sinning saint Free, but not yet entirely Improving, but not yet perfect Still somewhat sinful, but never lost
Transformed from madman to missionary Jesus meets a terribly tormented man Jesus completely conquers inner evil Jesus creates a new missionary disciple

Sea change

8 May 2022
Sea change Still and storm God and man Faith and fear
The Lord’s use of means Preaching The sacraments Discipline
From small beginnings to great blessings The small beginnings of the Kingdom The expansive growth of the Kingdom The protective growth of the Kingdom

Gifts are for giving

24 April 2022
Gifts are for giving Theme: God gives us gifts to help build up the church Gifts are given in different measure Christ earned the gifts The reason for the gifts
The advancing kingdom of God Mysterious Growth Potent Growth Completed Growth
The first day of the week Jesus leaves His tomb Jesus appears to Mary Jesus appears to His disciples Jesus appears to Thomas
Listen with the future in mind The coming revelation of truth The coming gains and losses
Having ears to hear the gospel Jesus calls us to listen to His parable Jesus explains the parable and His hearers Jesus calls us to faith and fruitfulness
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