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Hungry hearts that pray The ‘why’ of prayer The ‘how’ of prayer The ‘what’ of prayer
Great expectations re-visited The wisdom of the gospel The power of the gospel The person of the gospel
The Apostle Paul signs off Personal reflections Personal struggles Personal devotion Personal friendships
Straying sheep need the Good Shepherd to seek them A straying sheep who knows themselves A seeking Shepherd who knows His sheep
Paul ‘passes the baton’ to Timothy The ministry task The ministry environment The ministry mindset
Hear Christ state his mission and know what he does for you Christ: Finds the lost Transforms the sinner Restores the outcast
Profit for an unprofitable world The valueless teaching of those who oppose the truth The value of Scripture for personal salvation through faith The value of Scripture for ministry to…
A powerful profession of faith Joyful awe Loving praise Peaceful hope Willing obedience
Be a good soldier of Christ Jesus Work for Jesus with the goal in mind Work for Jesus with diligent effort Work for Jesus as a holy vessel
Opening and closing the Kingdom of Heaven The free offer of the gospel The necessary word of warning
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