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What do Apostles Pray For?

25 September 2022
What do Apostles Pray For? The presence of love The stability of love The community of shared love The dimensions of love Love demonstrated The paradox of this love

The Ultimate Sign-Act

25 September 2022
The Ultimate Sign-Act Judgement will surely come There is always hope

Seeing Jesus for who He is

18 September 2022
Seeing Jesus for who He is The identity of Christ The mission of Christ The witness to Christ
The Palace Beautiful The church discerns The church stimulates The church assembles
The Hill Difficulty Climbing without distractions Climbing forwards Climbing for the prize
Jesus restores sight to a blind man outside Bethsaida The miracle The meaning
The Cross and the Tomb The cross of Christ removes the burden of sin The cross of Christ exchanges sin for righteousness The cross of Christ provides assurance of salvation
The Interpreter’s House The Law – a sweeping broom that makes the dust fly The Gospel – a sweet cleansing grace for the heart Christ – the King who reigns…
Understanding Jesus, The Bread of Life Jesus provides for all our needs Jesus provides super-abundantly Jesus provides Himself for life
The Wicket Gate The wide gate and the easy way The narrow gate and the hard way
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