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Denying yourself to follow Jesus Denying yourself - means letting go Denying yourself - for a greater affection Denying yourself – blessings and a warning

Seek and you will find An earnest seeker A lost seeker A saved seeker
Come to Jesus like a small child Kingdom Children Trusting Children Blessed Children

Counting the cost

7 May 2023
Counting the cost Jesus Counts the cost Counting the cost for Jesus The stakes are high
Relationship Breakdown Theme: The work of the Gospel continues despite disagreements Care for the wider church Disagreements happen The Gospel continues...

As In The Days Of Noah

23 April 2023
As In The Days Of Noah
The Union of Marriage A holy bond A lasting bond A purposeful bond
The righteous curse of God The mountain of curses The man who became a curse The God who is just and merciful
People, who are we? Perfect images Damaged images Repaired images
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