Our Congregation

We are glad to be able to tell you about our church community. We are a gathering of approximately 130 adults and children who meet together because we share a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We range in age from 0 to 90+ and come from various backgrounds and cultures. What we share together is our belief that:

  • God is to be worshipped as the Creator of all things and the one who is in control of everything that happens in our lives
  • Our worship of God should be reverent and heart-felt as we focus on His glory
  • Life only makes sense when God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is at the centre
  • Clear, relevant Bible teaching and preaching is essential in coming to know God better
  • The church should be like a family, where young and old worship together
  • People need friendship and fellowship with each other and the church should be a place where this is encouraged and experienced

It is our desire that through our worship services and mid-week activities people will grow in their knowledge of God, and be motivated to live for Him on a daily basis. We know that people are busy, but it is our hope that you might take time to seek God, and give us the privilege of helping you know Him better.