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Testing the waters

19 March 2023
Testing the waters Where’s Jesus? He’s waiting In presence and power
Knowing your misery so that you can know Christ Sin revealed Sin increased Sin progressively removed
More than a comforting thought The source of true comfort The nature of true comfort The fruit of true comfort
Walking With God in Life and Death  
Be a high-ranking disciple! True greatness humbly serves all others True greatness is not narrowly exclusive True greatness is carefully gentle
Celebrating righteousness Personal righteousness Proven righteousness Permanent righteousness
Look up, not down, blessed one A greater grief A greater purpose A greater gift
Are you ready for the future? Pressing on to Jerusalem Certain death and resurrection Understanding and confidence
Wonderful Words of Light Seeing yourself Seeing your God Seeing the gospel
All things are possible by faith A faithless generation A father with weak faith A Saviour who makes true life possible