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The gift of life Life according to God’s promise Life according to God’s rules Life according to God’s love
A beautiful thing done for Christ A costly act of devotion A poor man about to die A gospel proclaimed to the whole world  
People of God, Take comfort in Jesus! This message of comfort: Affirms God’s covenant love Declares God’s gracious pardon

God alone, a God of grace

18 February 2024
God alone, a God of grace God’s grace proclaimed by a little girl God’s grace received God’s grace is distorted

Our heavenly worship

18 February 2024
Our heavenly worship Old Testament worship New Testament worship
The blessing of training children Many in the Old Testament failed We need the wisdom of Solomon As Parents, we are transparent to our children There but for the grace…

Standing with our King

11 February 2024
Standing with our King The exclusivity of God The exclusivity of God's word The exclusivity of The King
Our conversion bears fruit The Holy Spirit brings new life in Christ. The Holy Spirit helps us to see our sin and run to Christ. The Holy Spirit helps us…
God remains with his people God’s presence remains with his people God’s word has a gracious effect God’s word can also bring judgement
The best day of the week A day to stop A day of worship A day for resting in Him