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Jesus is known by His family Human associations Satanic associations? God’s family revealed
Out with the old and in with the new The old way of self-approval The new way of Christ’s approval Who do you really think Jesus is?
Jesus – the only complete health worker A public ministry for the isolated sick A public ministry for the immobile A public ministry for the sinful
God’s gracious gift of faith and redirected desire God’s grace confers the power to believe God’s grace is not deserved by anyone God’s grace redirects, but does not remove man’s…
The authority of the King is revealed Jesus calls His first four disciples Jesus uncommonly teaches the truth Jesus commands the broken creation
Regeneration – supernatural mysterious and essential A supernatural new birth A mysterious new birth A necessary new birth
The earnest gospel call Those who are invited, but unwilling Those who are invited, both evil and good Those who are invited, but not dressed
Preparing the way of the Lord The expected forerunner The baptising forerunner The Christ-glorifying forerunner
The necessity of the gospel The natural foolishness of mankind The ineffectiveness of the good law The power of the gospel to save
The beginning of the gospel of Mark An understandable gospel An encouraging gospel An apologetic gospel