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God’s blessing for obedience Introduction: Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, bar One - the eternal kingdom of our God and Saviour. Being in God’s Kingdom means obedience to God’s law…
The key to entering the Kingdom of God Preaching ...the gospel of Jesus Christ believed Church discipline... the gospel applied
There is only One eternal King The temporary King David The ‘wanna-be’ King – Adonijah (David’s 4th son) The One Eternal King

Far and near

7 January 2024
Far and near Closer in prayer Further away in wickedness Closer in righteousness
What about the future? Fearful destruction Powerful glory Constant vigilance
Professing Christ Practically Glorify God by limiting your own freedoms Glorify God by seeking the advantage of others Glorify God by imitating Christ for salvation of others
When the fullness of time had come Before the coming of Christ Christ’s precisely timed birth After the completed work of Christ

More and more united The union of the physical with the spiritual The union of Christ with the Christian The union of the Christian with the church
How do we wait for Jesus? Don’t be deceived or alarmed Be on your guard without worrying Endure to the end and be saved