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A Strange Love

17 August 2014
A Strange Love To love strangers you need Christ To love strangers you need the Holy Spirit To love strangers you need to die!

A Trustworthy Father

10 August 2014
A Trustworthy Father The Lord is able to provide for His children The Lord is willing to provide for His children The Lord always givs favour to His children
The Equilibrium of an Elder The Gospel goal of Stability The Gospel warning against Instability The Gospel of Perfect Balance
Three Incomprehensibly One God the Father Creates God the Son Delivers God the Holy Spirit Gives Life
Faith - What's that? Knowledge of the truth fills the mind Conviction of the truth drives the will Assurance of the truth secures the heart

A Murder Mystery

13 July 2014
A Murder Mystery The Crime The Covering The Christ  
Do You Desire to Lead? The Overseeing Office The Good Work The Christ-like Desire
Women Teachers Urgently Needed! Similarities of the sexes Differences between the sexes Necessary women's ministry
A woman's gospel role The good command The clear reason The rich blessing
Praying Together with Attitude Holy Prayer in Church Beautiful Prayer in Church