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True Happiness - Guaranteed The Blessing of Completeness The Blessing of Observance The Blessing of Righteousness

Confession x2

4 January 2015
Confession x2 The Servant Confesses Her Master The Master Confesses His Servant

The Mathematics of Time

28 December 2014
The Mathematics of Time An infinite number A small number Working it out

Perfect Timing

21 December 2014
Perfect Timing Before the right time At the right time For all time

On the Right Track

21 December 2014
On the Right Track The joy of the journey The comforts of the journey The roradway for the journey

A Child like none other

14 December 2014
A Child like none other The child of a virgin The child who is God The child called Jesus
Don't Forget to Unwrap Your Gift A spiritual gift given A spiritual gift exercised A spiritual gift developed
The Indwelling Holy Spirit He Guides He Comforts He Remains
Working Out in the Spiritual Gym The practice of spiritual self-discipline The goal of spiritual self-discipline The value of spiritual self-discipline