The One Triune God

18 December 2016
The One Triune God The Father - sends the angel Gabriel The Son – is born as a human child The Holy Spirit - overshadows Mary

The Church Militant

27 November 2016
The Church Militant The church is at war We must be ready to fight Satan The battle can be fierce We must put on the armour of God We must…

The Patience of God

27 November 2016
The Patience of God God is patient when Moses makes excuses God is patient, even in His anger God is patient, bringing His people to faith

Knowing God

20 November 2016
Knowing God God, the infinite spiritual being God, the perfect moral being God, who commands repentance

Guard Your Heart!

20 November 2016
Guard Your Heart! Speak from a guarded heart Look from a guarded heart Walk from a guarded heart