Gifts are for giving

24 April 2022
Gifts are for giving Theme: God gives us gifts to help build up the church Gifts are given in different measure Christ earned the gifts The reason for the gifts

Unity in the Church

20 March 2022
Unity in the Church Theme: The Church is called to walk in the Unity of the Spirit Called to Worthy Walking Unity in Practice The Basis of Our Unity

Praying for Each Other

28 November 2021
Praying for Each Other Theme: We should pray for knowledge of our Blessings for each other We are to pray for knowledge of: The hope to which we are called…

Joy from Persecution

14 March 2021
Joy from Persecution Theme: The Gospel proclaimed brings joy The Gospel Gossiped The Gospel Preached The Effect of the Gospel

Looking forward to 2021

27 December 2020
Looking forward to 2021 Theme: We can look forward to 2021 reassured of our Father's love for us God is working for our good (28-30) No one can defeat us…

Pentecost Means Christ!

23 August 2020
Pentecost Means Christ! Theme: The Spirit's Coming shows us OUR need for Christ Pentecost shows us: 1. We are in End Times 2. God's work through Christ 3. Our need…

Kiss the Son!

28 June 2020
Kiss the Son! Theme: The Son Requires Our Worship We recognize the Battle God laughs We proclaim the Son We trust in the Son