The blessing of training children Many in the Old Testament failed We need the wisdom of Solomon As Parents, we are transparent to our children There but for the grace…

What do Apostles Pray For?

25 September 2022
What do Apostles Pray For? The presence of love The stability of love The community of shared love The dimensions of love Love demonstrated The paradox of this love


14 August 2022
Pray! Theme: Christians are called to pray Pray at all times Pray with all prayer and supplication Pray with all perseverance Pray for all the Saints

Gifts are for giving

24 April 2022
Gifts are for giving Theme: God gives us gifts to help build up the church Gifts are given in different measure Christ earned the gifts The reason for the gifts

Unity in the Church

20 March 2022
Unity in the Church Theme: The Church is called to walk in the Unity of the Spirit Called to Worthy Walking Unity in Practice The Basis of Our Unity