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A child without sin

13 December 2015
A child without sin The Virgin The Son The Name

What’s next?

13 December 2015
What’s next? The Shepherd is Struck His Sheep are Refined His Covenant is Confirmed

Introducing Jesus

6 December 2015
Introducing Jesus The Christ The Son of David The Son of Abraham N.B. Background static
The Great Work of the Lord – part 2 The Great Grief (12:10-14) The Great Grace (13:1-6)
The Great Work of the Lord – part 1 1. The Great War (12:1-9) NB Background static  
Swear Carefully! 1. Establishing the Truth Evading the Truth 3. Vowing the Truth
Hope for the Vulnerable The wailing shepherds (1-3) The detested shepherd (4-14) The foolish shepherd (15-17)
A Name Worthy of Praise A Great Name A Fearful Name A Holy Name N.B. Background Static

Your Greatest Need

1 November 2015
Your Greatest Need The Shepherd who Provides (v1-2) The Shepherd who Strengthens (v3-7) The Shepherd who Gathers (v8-12) N.B. Background static
Are you ready to let it go? First Commandment First Family First Priority