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Good Government Welfare Benefits The Benefit of Justification The Benefit of Sanctification The Benefit of Glorification  
The Special Service of Women and Men in the Church Qualified Women Qualified Men  
Desirable Life and Desirable Death Remaining in Christ Departing in Christ
The High Calling of a Personal Servant Respectable Behaviour Firm faith Proven Character

Supernatural Superglue

12 October 2014

Made Like His Brothers

21 September 2014
Made Like His Brothers Perfected through suffering Victorious through death Merciful through intercession

Children of Our Father

7 September 2014
Children of Our Father The Natural Son of God The Adopted Children of God
The Shepherd's Lifestyle Family Life Heart Life Public Life
The Lot is Carefully Cast The Mystery of Providence The Experience of Providence The Grace of Providence

A Strange Love

17 August 2014
A Strange Love To love strangers you need Christ To love strangers you need the Holy Spirit To love strangers you need to die!